You can see any GP at the practice to discuss contraception whether you’re starting a new, because you wish to make a change or need to have your annual review. It is worthwhile to have a look at this website link prior to an appointment so you know the options that are available and this

Missed Pill Guidance

When prescribed the Combined Contraceptive Pill or Progesterone Only Pill it is important to make sure you take your tablets as prescribed and at the same time every day. If you do every miss a pill please review the advice below as it is different for the different preparations Combined Contraceptive Pill Progesterone Only

Emergency Contraception

If you think you need to consider emergency contraception then the sooner you act on this the more options you will have but most importantly this choice will be most effective. Please see the following link to review the options and if you need to consider this. In hours you can talk to a