Adrenaline Injector Pens

We are writing to patients who have recently been prescribed an adrenaline injector pen in case of anaphylaxis (a severe allergic reaction). It may be that we have just issued this for the first time, that your previous pen has been used/expired, or that supply issues have meant we have had to prescribe you a

Help my NHS to give me the best care

Help your local NHS to free up millions of pounds for frontline services by buying your own medicines for short term ailments, over the counter at a pharmacy. With many common ailments you can care for yourself using medicines bought over the counter at a pharmacy – and you won’t need a prescription. It’s easier,

Medication and Dehydration: Sick day rules

What is the potential problem? Taking certain medicines when you are dehydrated can result in you developing a more serious illness. The ‘Medicine Sick Day Rules’  lists medicines that should be temporarily stopped during a dehydrating illness. ACE inhibitors: a medicine for high blood pressure and heart conditions. If you are dehydrated, these medicines can

Wasted Medication

The cost of wasted medication Unused prescription medicines cost the NHS in the UK an estimated £300million every year. This could pay for: 11,778 MORE community nurses or 80,906 MORE hip replacements or 19,799 MORE drug treatment courses for breast cancer or 300,000 MORE drug treatment courses for Alzheimer’s or 312,175 MORE cataract operations How Can You Help? 1. Only order the medicines that

Testosterone Replacement Treatment (TRT)

What is testosterone? Testosterone is a hormone produced by the testicles. It can be given to men as replacement therapy when the body’s natural testosterone levels fall too low. The aim of treatment is to restore testosterone levels to the normal state without any adverse effects. How to take or use testosterone A doctor has