What can I do to help if my child is ill?

A child’s immune system is very powerful, and will clear up most common infections by itself. You can help your child fight the infection by making sure they get plenty of rest and offering them healthy food (like fruit). Give your child plenty to drink. This will help prevent dehydration, loosen phlegm, and lubricate the


There is normally no need to treat ear infections with antibiotics. Pain control with Paracetamol and / or Ibuprofen is all that is normally needed. If your child is having hearing problems, or the ear is draining, they should see a GP. How long will it last? A sore throat typically lasts around 1 week

Sore Throat

A sore throat does not need any treatment to make it go away. It will get better by itself If your child seems very unwell or has a sore throat and temperature, but no cough, for more than 3 days, he or she should see a doctor or nurse. You do not need to look

Common Cold

Colds are very common. Normal, healthy children can sometimes have 8 or more colds in a year! How long will it last? A cold typically lasts around 1 week Do antibiotics help? There is no evidence that antibiotics help with colds This information comes from the “When should I worry leaflet?” http://www.whenshouldiworry.com/resources/When%20should%20I%20worry-Booklet_Scotland.pdf

Cough/Chesty Cough

When young children catch a cold they often develop a ‘noisy chest’ or a ‘chesty cough’. This can be worrying for parents who believe that a chesty cough is a sign of a ‘chest infection’. Young children often get noisy chests. This is because they have smaller airways and thinner rib cages than adults. A