Distraction Techniques for thoughts of Self-Harm

Below are some strategies that sometimes help distract a person when they have thoughts of self harm.


.  Pinging an elastic band

.  Holding cold ice cubes against the skin

.  Drawing on skin

.  Tight or heavy clothing

.  Being held tightly

.  Rubbing on cream

.  Chewing something with a strong taste

.  Smelling something with a strong scent (lavender rolling ball bottle)

.  Having a cool shower or bath

.  Music (exploring different music styles)

.  Recording of your voice offering words of reassurance

.  Physical (rhythmic) movement

.  Doing an activity using the hands

.  Screaming into a pillow/silent screams of rage

.  Punching a pillow or punch bag

.  Writing it down and then screwing it up/burning it

.  Writing poetry

.  Drawing and creative expression

.  Singing, dancing, acting