Some inhalers have a higher Carbon Footprint than others, and can have a large impact on our environment. With that in mind, and as Healthcare Professionals, we have a duty of care to our patients. We believe all aspects of health need to be considered, including looking after our environment and being mindful of the impact medication has.

We, as a practice, take our part in protecting the Planet very seriously. We are opting to help by changing how we prescribe inhalers in order to work towards reducing the NHS Carbon Footprint. We are aiming to switch the use of some inhalers that we prescribe to those with a lower impact on our environment. You may see some changes to what we prescribe to you in the near future.

For example, Ventolin inhalers have a large carbon footprint and make up a significant proportion of inhalers that we prescribe. By switching this to another brand of inhaler called Salamol, we can halve the carbon footprint imposed. If you see a change of your inhaler, please do discuss with your community Pharmacy first. Please bear in mind this may be intentional and be reassured that this change is to help our environment.

We continue to work closely with our local Pharmacies, and we have communicated these changes to them. They should advise you on collection of any changes. Pharmacies are also encouraging changes to help the environment. They are informing patients about safe disposal of inhalers, and encouraging people to return them to the pharmacy for more environmentally friendly disposal.

Please ask a Pharmacy trained member of staff for any help or advice about your different inhalers. They can support you by showing you how to use your inhalers correctly. Additionally, you can look at the useful information provided in the links below on going green with inhalers:

If you would like to change to a more environmentally friendly inhaler, please discuss this with the nurse or pharmacist at your next routine inhaler review. We appreciate your ongoing support with these vital changes for protecting our planet.