MSK – First Contact Practitioners

MSKfirst contact practitioners

Increasing numbers of people now have the opportunity to see a musculoskeletal (MSK) practitioner as their first point of contact.

Practitioners can come from a range of allied health profession (AHP) disciplines including physiotherapy, osteopathy and podiatry. FCPs offer a musculoskeletal assessment clinic where patients conditions are assessed and diagnosed. They offer guidance on how to manage conditions, and can suggest treatment plans, including exercises and OTC medications. If appropriate FCPs can refer onwards for more specialist treatment, and have the ability to arrange blood tests and x-rays. They are the first step in helping patients move forward with any MSK problems.  If you think it would be benefit from a consultation with a FCP – please contact reception to arrange an appointment (we offer a FCP clinic at cuckfield medical practice every Friday). Alternatively  complete an online self referral form for the MSK service via the link below:

Self Referral