What can I do to help if my child is ill?

  • A child’s immune system is very powerful, and will clear up most common infections by itself.
  • You can help your child fight the infection by making sure they get plenty of rest and offering them healthy food (like fruit).
  • Give your child plenty to drink. This will help prevent dehydration, loosen phlegm, and lubricate the throat. Try to avoid very sugary drinks.
  • Pain and fever are best treated with Paracetamol and / or Ibuprofen.
  • Pacacetamol and Ibuprofen work differently. They can be used together if one alone has not worked. Just make sure you do not give more than the maximum recommended dose of either of them.
  • Make sure no-one smokes around your child.

This information comes from the “When should I worry leaflet?” http://www.whenshouldiworry.com/resources/When%20should%20I%20worry-Booklet_Scotland.pdf