National Patient Opt out

The information collected about you when you use these services can also be used and provided to other organisations for purposes beyond your individual care, for instance to help with: Improving the quality and standards of care provided Research into the development of new treatments Preventing illness and diseases Monitoring safety Planning services This may

The Practice Charter

Welcome to Cuckfield Medical Practice and The Vale Surgery Our aims are to serve the whole person and provide individual, curative and preventative care as well as health care in the community. We aim to see patients as soon as possible. Please remember there may be times when a Doctor has to attend an emergency

Patient Responsibilities

Politeness and Behaviour Patients should extend the same courtesy and politeness to the Practice team as they would expect to receive. One at a time please Please remember that appointments are for one person only. Where another family member needs to be seen, even for the same symptoms, you need to make a separate appointment.

Comments and Complaints

At the practice we appreciate both positive and negative feedback. If you have a concern and wish to make a complaint then please review our policy below which provides the information of how and whom to contact. We appreciate that there is a long wait for appointments and also to get through on the phone

Violent or abusive patients

Staff have the right to work in a safe and secure environment and we as employers have the legal responsibility of providing that environment. The Practice will not tolerate: Verbal abuse to staff which prevents them from doing their job or makes them feel intimidated or unsafe Threats of violence or actual violence to any member


There are occasions when patients need to be examined by a doctor which may involve intimate examinations. It is sometimes necessary for another person to be present at these times to safeguard the doctor and the patient. This person is called a chaperone. A doctor will usually suggest a chaperone for these examinations, although you

Third party access to medical records

For routine audit purposes, representative of the NHS West Sussex will be required to look at patients medical records. The auditors may not be medically qualified but are all bound by their contract of employment to respect confidentiality. However, if you do not wish your notes to be used in this way, please inform a

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation and Privacy)

Please see our privacy notices below for more information on how and why we hold your personal information and also information on how you can request access to that information. Fair Processing Notice Feb 2020 Privacy Notice Recruitment SAR Request for Access to Records May 2018 Patient Information Leaflet Fair Processing Notice 2018 – IAS