Patient Responsibilities

Politeness and Behaviour
Patients should extend the same courtesy and politeness to the Practice team as they would expect to receive.

One at a time please
Please remember that appointments are for one person only. Where another family member needs to be seen, even for the same symptoms, you need to make a separate appointment.

One Appointment, One Problem
Many people do not realise that their appointment is 10 minutes long.
Cuckfield Medical Practice and The Vale Surgery would like to politely ask our patients to remember the following when attending an appointment with one of our doctors or nurses.
Please only bring one problem to the attention of the doctor; If you have other things you would like to discuss you will need to make another appointment

Late for your Appointment:
We understand that patients sometimes cannot help being late for an appointment. However, just one or two late patients each day can make the Surgery over-run considerably. If you know you are going to be more than 10 minutes late, please try to phone ahead to re-book so that we do not waste appointments. If you do arrive more than 10 minutes late and do not want to re-book your appointment, please be prepared it is at the discretion of the clinician as to if you will be seen and you may be asked to wait until the end of surgery to be seen.

Cancel Appointments you no longer want or need
Please remember that If you are unable to attend your appointment please cancel promptly so that the appointment can be made available for someone else. Between 1st January and 31st December 2018, 2056 patients did not turn up for their appointment and didn’t let us know. This equates to 527.2 hours. Those appointments could have gone to other patients. So far between 1st January and 27th March 2019 553 patients have not turned up.

You can cancel your appointment by ringing 01444 458738 or using our online services

Keep us up to date
Please remember to tell us if your details change such as name, address, telephone number or email address. If you have access to our online services then you will be able to change these details via your account. If you do not have online access you can come into the Surgery and complete a change of address form. Please bring photo ID and proof of the new address.